This past fall, our office was contacted by the Assistant Director of the Uniondale Public Library.  She was looking for bids to pressure wash and clean the exterior of the library as well as all of the sidewalks and walkways surrounding the building.  We surveyed the property a few days later in order to put together a thorough and accurate proposal for them.  Once the proposal was handed in, the library had their monthly board meeting to discuss all of the bids they received.  We received a call from the Assistant Director that we did indeed win the bid and the job was ours.  As the weather was starting to get colder, we quickly put a crew together and set up a work schedule for the following week to complete the project. 

Uniondale Public Library

Tom and his crew arrived onsite bright and early to begin work.  The exterior brick walls and all of the large windows of the building were pressure washed and cleaned to remove build up dirt, mold and grime.  The main entrance sidewalks were loaded with gum and staining from gum residue as well as general dirt and grime.  After the completion of the job, all of the gum and staining was removed and no longer visible and the area looked a lot cleaner and inviting!  

All of the library employees as well as one of the board members, who were there, were very happy and satisfied with the results of our work.  This is a very busy library and it gets a lot of traffic so Tom explained the need to maintain the cleaning on a more regular basis to prevent such heavy buildup in the future.  We look forward to working with the Uniondale Public Library again in the near future and will be happy to help them out again so all of their patrons can enjoy a clean library!

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